What is Spanish Level?

Note: This website is currently under construction, so new content will be added progressively in order to provide more resources and usefulness to visitors.

Spanish Level is a website dedicated to learn Spanish online for free through free lessons, online games and exercises, downloadable resources and more. The objective is to provide online and free resources related to Spanish language to all those who are interested in learning and/or improving their Spanish.

This website is for anyone interested in the Spanish language. Whatever your level is, you can find something useful for you here. However, it can be especially interesting for beginners, since many of the lessons use interactive content with pictures and audio, which can be especially helpful at the beginning.

Spanish Level is also helpful for children, elementary and intermediate level students in general. Also for those who learn Spanish by their own with different websites, books, a private teacher, YouTube, etc. or who need some additional resources or extra practice outside their “official” learning process at school, university or in other institution. Also some Spanish teachers may find helpful resources for their students.

The free resources of this site can always be shared freely as long as you do not remove the logo or text that accredits our website spanishlevel.com, otherwise you would be infringing copyright.
You can not sell our resources. This would violate the rules of the site and copyright. These rules are detailed in the different legal pages of this site.

Spanish Level is not a Spanish course or official entity that guarantees to acquire a certain level in the language after studying a particular lesson or successfully completing a test posted on the website. Sometimes, upon successful completion of a test or quiz, the user is given a certificate of completion, which is not an official document in any way; Spanish Level uses this as a motivational resource for the students practicing Spanish with this website.

Are you ready? Take your Spanish to the next level!

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