My favourite food: tacos – Spanish listening and reading worksheet

On this page you can find a PDF test about Valeria’s favorite food, tacos. You can also find the answers and the transcription of the text.

Worksheet in Spanish

Test “Mi comida favorita: los tacos”


Mi comida favorita: los tacos

Mi nombre es Valeria y te voy a hablar de cuál es mi comida favorita y por qué lo es.

Mi comida favorita son los tacos. Es uno de los platos más populares de México. En México puedes encontrarlo casi por todos los lados.

Para preparar un taco, necesitas una tortilla de maíz y un relleno. El relleno del taco se puede preparar con distintos alimentos, normalmente se hace con carne de ternera o pollo y un sofrito de cebolla, chile, ajo y cilantro. Incluso puedes prepararlos con vegetales. Mi mamá es vegetariana y los prepara así, ¡y le salen deliciosos también!

Esta comida me gusta porque es muy sabrosa. Si la cocinas con los ingredientes adecuados, tiene un sabor muy intenso y delicioso. Además, tiene un aroma muy característico que siempre me recuerda a México. Esto me produce cierta nostalgia porque no vivo en mi país desde hace unos años. Por esto, siempre que voy a un restaurante mexicano pido unos tacos para comer. Lo mejor es que, hoy en día, en casi todas partes, hay un restaurante mexicano. Y como los tacos son el plato más famoso, siempre puedo pedirlos  en cualquier restaurante que sirva comida mexicana.

Si vas a tomar tacos, es importante también acompañarlos de salsas, porque son un ingrediente tan importante como el taco en sí mismo. Existen muchas salsas con las que enriquecer los tacos, como la salsa de aguacate picante, las salsas rojas y verdes o el pico de gallo.

Sin duda, creo que comer un taco es uno de los mejores placeres de la vida. Si no lo has probado, te recomiendo que lo hagas. ¡No te arrepentirás!


My favourite food: tacos

My name is Valeria and I’m going to tell you about my favorite food and why it is my favorite.

My favorite food is tacos. It is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico. In Mexico you can find it almost everywhere.

To prepare a taco, you need a corn tortilla and a filling. The taco filling can be prepared with different foods, usually it is made with beef or chicken and a sofrito of onion, chili, garlic and cilantro. You can even prepare them with vegetables. My mom is a vegetarian and she prepares them this way, and they are delicious too!

I like this food because it is very tasty. If you cook it with the right ingredients, it has a very intense and delicious flavor. It also has a very characteristic aroma that always reminds me of Mexico. This makes me nostalgic because I haven’t lived in my country for a few years. For this reason, whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant I always order tacos for lunch. The best thing is that, nowadays, almost everywhere, there is a Mexican restaurant. And since tacos are the most famous dish, I can always order them in any restaurant that serves Mexican food.

If you are going to have tacos, it is also important to accompany them with salsas, because they are as important an ingredient as the taco itself. There are many salsas with which to enrich tacos, such as spicy avocado salsa, red and green salsas or pico de gallo.

Without a doubt, I believe that eating a taco is one of the best pleasures in life. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do, you won’t regret it!

The Snail Alphabet in Spanish

The Snail Alphabet in Spanish is an online game that is very similar to the Alphabet Snake. You have to complete the snail by placing each circle in the correct letter. There are 27 circles in total, one for each letter of the Spanish alphabet. To do this, you must look at the image of each circle and find out the initial letter of the name of what appears in the image (it may be an animal, an object, a person…).

VERY IMPORTANT! In the case of the letters Ñ and W, the names on the circles contain these letters, they do NOT have them as initial letters (the reason for this is that there are only a few names in Spanish that begin with these letters).

If you click on the circles, you will hear the names. You can also click the letters and you will hear their names.

I hope you have fun with this game and that it helps you to practice the Spanish alphabet, as well as some basic vocabulary!

‘El Pollito’ 🐥 Spanish vocabulary game online

In this Spanish vocabulary game online called El Pollito (The chick) you have to answer ten questions with images related to basic to intermediate Spanish vocabulary. The chick will walk along the path of corn kernels to the barn as you answer the questions.

Spanish listening practice about likes and dislikes 1 (Ana)

In this Spanish listeng practice about likes and dislikes you will hear a woman called Ana from Argentina 🇦🇷 explain three things she likes and three things she doesn’t like. Listen to the audio and then drag each of the six boxes to the correct space: “le gusta / she likes” or “no le gusta / she doesn’t like”.

You can listen to the audio as many times as you want. However, the first time, we recommend listening to the audio without any interruptions. Then you should listen to it a maximum of two times (with interruptions if needed) if you are practicing for formal listening tests, since there is usually a limit of listenings.

You can listen to the audio with the “Play” button inside the game or with the video below, which also contains images (and the audio is a bit slower).

You can read the transcription below. We also recommend that you first try to listen and understand without reading. Remember that you don’t need to understand all the words to get an overall understanding 😉.

Hola, mi nombre es Ana, soy de Argentina y voy a contarte tres cosas que me gustan y tres cosas que no me gustan.

Me gusta el campo y la naturaleza. Me encanta el sol, el aire fresco y pasar tiempo en el exterior.

No me gusta cuando una persona queda conmigo y llega tarde porque me hace sentir que no respeta mi tiempo.

Me gusta aprender cosas nuevas, como aprender un nuevo idioma o aprender a tocar un instrumento.

No me gusta que la gente no responda a mis llamadas o a mis mensajes porque me hace sentir que no les importo.

Me encanta viajar porque me gusta explorar nuevos lugares, descubrir nuevas culturas y conocer gente nueva.

No me gusta la gente que es negativa y se queja por todo, porque la vida es demasiado corta para ser infeliz.

Y a ti, ¿qué es lo que más te gusta de la vida? Y, ¿qué es lo que menos te gusta?

Ana’s likes and dislikes video listening practice

Printable Spanish Alphabet Flashcards

One of the most important things that Spanish students can do to learn the Spanish alphabet is by using flashcards. Teachers and parents can also help their students and children learn Spanish with these printable Spanish alphabet flashcards because these are a great way to learn the Spanish alphabet. They are portable (so you can take them with you wherever you go!) and can be used over and over again.

Tips to use flashcards in Spanish

There are a few things to keep in mind when using flashcards for your self-learning or to teach your child or students the Spanish alphabet.

First, it is important to start with the basics. Don’t try to learn all 27 letters at once. Start with a few letters and then add more as you master the ones you already know. The same applies if you are a teacher or parent. Don’t teach all the letters at once; add more letters as your child or student masters the ones he or she already knows.

Second, make sure that you are using proper pronunciation when saying each letter. If you are learning Spanish on your own and reading the letters aloud, make sure you have the most correct pronunciation possible. For this purpose, the Spanish listening practice can be helpful. This is equally important if you are teaching others with these flashcards, so that they do not acquire bad pronunciation habits in Spanish in the early stages of learning.

Third, after knowing all the letters in Spanish and practicing pronunciation in several sessions, you can use these flashcards to learn more about the pronunciation variations in different Spanish-speaking countries.

Below you can see all the free and printable Spanish alphabet flashcards that are available on the web. All of them are in PDF format.

⭐ Printable Spanish Alphabet Flashcards for coloring

This set contains 27 flashcards with all the letters of the Spanish alphabet from A to Z. Each card has the name of the letter in Spanish at the top and at the bottom there is a noun or adjective that starts with that letter. Each card also shows a picture that represents the word on the card. These flashcards are in black and white for coloring.

Spanish alphabet flashcards for coloring

Printable Spanish Flashcards about Numbers

Looking to learn Spanish numbers in an easy and fun way? These printable Spanish flashcards about numbers will help you! Just print them out and you’ll be on your way to becoming a bilingual pro!

In most of these flashcards, each card features a different number along with the corresponding Spanish word and sometimes the English name for that number.

These flashcards about numbers in Spanish are perfect for studying at home, in class or on the go. And once you’ve mastered the numbers, which is an essential topic in Spanish and in any language, you can move on to learning other important words and phrases.

Many of these cards are in black and white, so that each person can colour them as they wish. And coloring makes this a more entertaining activity!

With these handy cards, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time! So what are you waiting for? Start practicing today with our printable flashcards about numbers in Spanish!

Flashcards about numbers in Spanish

Below you can see all the flashcards in Spanish about numbers that are available on the web. All of them are in PDF format. You can find individual flashcards and flashcards sets. Enjoy!

⭐ Printable Spanish Flashcards about numbers from 1 to 9

This set contains nine flashcards with the numbers in Spanish from 1 to 9. Each card has the name of the number in Spanish at the top and also the name in English at the bottom. Each card also shows the number and little drawings that represent the quantity of the number on the card. These flashcards are in black and white for coloring.

Download here.

Numbers in Spanish Spelling Bee Game

In this Numbers in Spanish Spelling Bee you can practice numbers in Spanish by writing the word you hear correctly. In this game you have to write six numbers in Spanish from one to thirty. You can listen to these numbers as many times as you want by clicking the “Word” and “Spell” buttons.
If you need more information how this game works, click on the “Help” button inside the game. Have fun!

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Kiko’s Message in Spanish – Spanish Alphabet Game

In this Spanish Alphabet Game, the adorable dog Kiko has a message for you formed with 19 letters of the Spanish alphabet. Since Kiko is a very playful dog, he has hidden his message behind some pictures. In order to decipher this message you must look at the picture in each box and think what is the name of the object, animal or person that appears in the picture. Once you know the name, write the initial letter of that noun in the circle.

When you have letters in all the circles, see if following the direction of the arrows all these letters form a sentence with sense. If you think they do, click the “Check” button to verify it. If it is not correct, you can change some letters and try again.

This message does not contain accents. And it doesn’t matter if you use uppercase or lowercase letters.

Spanish Spelling Bee about food

With this Spanish Spelling Bee about food vocabulary you can practice words related to food in a very easy way. As in the other Spanish Spelling Bee games, you must write the word you hear correctly. In this game you have to write seven words related to food. You can listen to the words as many times as you want. If you need more information about how the game works, you can click on the “Help” button inside the game. Have fun!

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