Spanish Word Search about the Weather

In this Spanish word search about the weather you have to look for six words related to the weather. Look at the pictures and click on the “Words” button if you need to see the words.

Spanish Word Search Puzzle about Routine Verbs

In this Spanish word search puzzle about routine verbs, you have to look the six pictures and find the names of six routine verbs in Spanish. You can click on the “Words” button to see the written words.

Spanish Word Search Puzzle about Emotions

With this Spanish Word Search Puzzle about Emotions you can practice the vocabulary about emotions in an easy and entertaining way. Find the six words that are on the list. When you find a word, you will be able to hear its pronunciation.

Spanish Word Search Puzzle about Sports

With this Spanish Word Search Puzzle about Sports you can practice the vocabulary about sports. See the pictures and find eight names of sports. This word search also includes audio to hear the pronunciation of these names.

Spanish Memory Game about Feelings and Emotions

This Spanish Memory Game about feelings and emotions is a fun and effective way to learn about this topic in Spanish. Words and adjectives related to feelings and emotions are essential for communication, and being able to express how you feel is an important part of interacting with others in Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.

Spanish Handwriting Worksheets ✏️ Practice Booklet

Do you want to practice writing in Spanish? We make it easy for you! In this post you will find a free Spanish Handwriting Worksheets Booklet. This booklet is perfect for beginners and kids, since it also includes different illustrations and letters for coloring while you practice writing in Spanish. This free PDF has 27 pages, each one for a letter of the Spanish alphabet, and a cover page.

If you want to know which words are inside this booklet, we have written them below.

And if you want to find out more about how to improve your writing skills in Spanish, keep on reading after downloading your booklet!

Spanish Handwriting Practice Booklet

Download Spanish Handwriting Practice Booklet

Words in Spanish in this booklet

These are the words that you will find in this PDF:

A is for Árbol (Tree)
B is for Bañera (Bathtub)
C is for Caracol (Snail)
D is for Diente (Tooth)
E is for Erizo (Hedgehog)
F is for Flores (Flowers)
G is for Gafas (Glasses)
H is for Hoja (Leaf)
I is for Isla (Island)
J is for Jarra (Jug)
K is for Koala (Koala)
L is for Lápiz (Pencil)
M is for Mariposa (Butterfly)
N is for Nubes (Clouds)
Ñ is for Ñoquis (Gnocchi)
O is for Olla (Pot)
P is for Piña (Pineapple)
Q is for Queso (Cheese)
R is for Raqueta (Racket)
S is for Serpiente (Snake)
T is for Tortuga (Turtle)
U is for Uvas (Grapes)
V is for Vaso (Glass)
W is for Washington (Washington)
X is for Xilófono (Xylophone)
Y is for Yogur (Yogurt)
Z is for Zapato (Shoe)

Spanish Handwriting: How to Improve Your Skills

When learning a foreign language, practicing your handwriting is usually an overlooked step. However, it can be extremely helpful to your overall fluency in the language. Spanish handwriting practice can help improve your speed and accuracy when writing in Spanish, as well as help you become more confident with characters (especially ñ, á, é, í, ó, ú.) and their sounds.

There is a variety of ways to get in some handwriting practice in Spanish. One option is to find worksheets such as those included in this booklet, or to find an online article and copy the text on a piece of paper or onto a whiteboard. But if you’re looking for something more interactive, there are also websites (like our website!) with exercises that allow you to type in text on a blank and check if it is correct or not; and although this is not handwriting, it also allows to practice writing skills in Spanish. These exercises often also provide the opportunity to listen to words or text, which can be very helpful for beginners who are still working on their pronunciation skills.

We recommend our Spanish handwriting worksheets and booklets because they are varied and you can find the ones that are most useful for you or for someone else. With this kind of worksheets you can practice writing letters, words, sentences, etc. Many of these worksheets also include illustrations for coloring, which makes them more entertaining and appealing for kids and beginners.

⬅️ You can see in our Pinterest page some of our handwriting worksheets and additional helpful content for Spanish learners.

But above all, don’t forget to keep on improving your Spanish writing skills with our practice worksheets and booklets! 😀

Online Flashcards about Jobs in Spanish 💼 (Part One)

These online flashcards about jobs in Spanish are a great way to learn vocabulary related to occupations in this language. The vocabulary related to jobs in Spanish can be challenging, but with these flashcards it is easy to review and remember the most important vocabulary for you.

The following flashcards contain images related to jobs and audio; just click on the button with the speaker icon to hear the job name. This first part includes 18 flashcards about jobs in Spanish. Some of the occupations on these flashcards are only in masculine and others only in feminine, others are in both genders. But if you would like to know how to spell all these professions in both the masculine and feminine forms, read the table below.

List of these jobs in Spanish in both genders

Job in EnglishJob in Spanish (Masculine)Job in Spanish (Feminine)
Policeman / Policewomanel policíala policía
Doctorel doctor / el médicola doctora / la médica
Plumberel fontanerola fontanera
Bakerel panaderola panadera
Tailorel sastrela sastre, la sastra
Astronautel astronautala astronauta
Nurseel enfermerola enfermera
Waiter / Waitressel camarerola camarera
Teacherel maestro / el profesorla maestra / la profesora
Journalistel periodistala periodista
Surgeonel cirujanola cirujana
Veterinary surgeonel veterinariola veterinaria
Postman / Postwomanel carterola cartera
Farmerel agricultorla agricultora
Firefighterel bomberola bombera
Driverel chófer / el conductorla chófer / la conductora

Why use flashcards to learn vocabulary related to jobs in Spanish?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have enough time to sit down and study every day endless and boring vocabulary lists about the names of jobs in Spanish. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your vocabulary skills step by step with a little help from our interactive flashcards. These flashcards promote efficient learning using the combination of audio and images, and because these flashcards are online, you don’t need to prepare any materials.

Learning the Spanish job names is also important because it can help you in your job search. There are many different jobs out there, and knowing the right name in Spanish for the position you want is key to impressing potential employers who are interested in employees with knowledge of the Spanish language. When searching for a job in Spanish, it helps to be familiar with the different types of jobs and their corresponding Spanish job titles.

American Countries in Spanish

We are going to see a list with the names of all the American countries in Spanish, which also includes the name of these countries in English.

Remember that countries in Spanish are written with uppercase like in English. However, if you want to write American nationalities in Spanish, you have to do with lowercase.

Country in EnglishCountry in Spanish
United StatesEstados Unidos
Bolivia Bolivia
Venezuela Venezuela
Ecuador Ecuador
Guyane Guyana
Suriname Surinam
Uruguay Uruguay
Guatemala Guatemala
Cuba Cuba
Honduras Honduras
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Dominican RepublicRepública Dominicana
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Bahamas Bahamas
El Salvador El Salvador
Jamaica Jamaica
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad y Tobago
Dominica Dominica
Saint LuciaSanta Lucía
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua y Barbuda
Barbados Barbados
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSan Vicente y las Granadinas
Saint Kitts and NevisSan Cristóbal y Nieves
French Guiana*
Guayana Francesa
Falkland Islands*
Islas Malvinas
Guadeloupe* (France)Guadalupe
Turks and Caicos Islands* (UK)Islas Turcas y Caicos
Curaçao* (Netherlands)Curazao
United States Virgin Islands* (US)Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos
Bonaire* (Netherlands)Bonaire
Cayman Islands* (UK)Islas Caimán
Saint Pierre and Miquelon* (France)San Pedro y Miquelón
Aruba* (Netherlands) Aruba
British Virgin Islands* (UK)Islas Vírgenes Británicas
Montserrat* (UK)montserratense
Anguilla* (UK)Anguila
Bermuda* (UK)Bermudas
Saint Martin* (France)San Martín
Sint Maarten (Netherlands)San Martín
Saint Barthélemy* (France)San Bartolomé
Sint Eustatius* (Netherlands)San Eustaquio
Saba* (Netherlands)Saba

European Countries in Spanish

In this post we are going to see a list with the names of the European countries in Spanish that also includes the name of these countries in English.

It is important to remember that countries in Spanish are written with uppercase like in English. However, if we want to write nationalities of European countries in Spanish, we have to do with lowercase.

Country in EnglishCountry in Spanish
Portugal Portugal
Finland Finlandia
United KingdomReino Unido
Albania Albania
Macedonia Macedonia
Czech RepublicRepública Checa
San Marino San Marino
Croatia Croacia
Estonia Estonia
Bosnia Bosnia
NetherlandsPaíses Bajos
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Malta Malta
Montenegro Montenegro

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