The Snail Alphabet in Spanish

The Snail Alphabet in Spanish is an online game that is very similar to the Alphabet Snake. You have to complete the snail by placing each circle in the correct letter. There are 27 circles in total, one for each letter of the Spanish alphabet. To do this, you must look at the image of each circle and find out the initial letter of the name of what appears in the image (it may be an animal, an object, a person…).

VERY IMPORTANT! In the case of the letters Ñ and W, the names on the circles contain these letters, they do NOT have them as initial letters (the reason for this is that there are only a few names in Spanish that begin with these letters).

If you click on the circles, you will hear the names. You can also click the letters and you will hear their names.

I hope you have fun with this game and that it helps you to practice the Spanish alphabet, as well as some basic vocabulary!

Kiko’s Message in Spanish – Spanish Alphabet Game

In this Spanish Alphabet Game, the adorable dog Kiko has a message for you formed with 19 letters of the Spanish alphabet. Since Kiko is a very playful dog, he has hidden his message behind some pictures. In order to decipher this message you must look at the picture in each box and think what is the name of the object, animal or person that appears in the picture. Once you know the name, write the initial letter of that noun in the circle.

When you have letters in all the circles, see if following the direction of the arrows all these letters form a sentence with sense. If you think they do, click the “Check” button to verify it. If it is not correct, you can change some letters and try again.

This message does not contain accents. And it doesn’t matter if you use uppercase or lowercase letters.

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