Spanish Spelling Bee

What are spelling bees?

A spelling bee is a competition in which participants must spell words of varied difficulty. The contestants usually prepare themselves before, practicing the spelling of different words. This type of competition originated in the United States and is very popular there in elementary and middle schools, but its popularity has spread to different countries around the world and in different languages.

Advantages of spelling bees in Spanish

These spelling bees help to learn vocabulary in Spanish. Students can expand their vocabulary with spelling bees because they often include words that are new to them. In addition, they can find the definition of each of the words and also sample sentences to see how to use those words in context. This makes easier for students to incorporate this new vocabulary quickly and effectively.

They also help to exercise memory and concentration, as the student needs to employ different skills that involve thinking and remembering the words to be spelled, as the student will know some of them beforehand.

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