Spanish Spelling Bee Game – Basic Level 1

Practice Spanish with our little cute bee and this Spanish Spelling Bee Game! This is for elementary or basic level learning, this is the part one of a Spanish Spelling Bee series for beginners, both kids and adults.

Instructions of this Spanish Spelling Bee

Click “Start” to begin. On the screen you will see three buttons: Word, Sentence and Definition.
If you click on “Word”, you will hear the word you must write correctly in the gap. But if you need more clues, click on the “Sentence” and “Definition” buttons; in the first one you will hear a sentence that includes the word. And if you click on the “Definition” button, you will see a definition of that word.
If you spell the word correctly, the little bee will be happy and you will be able to move on the next one, until you finish the whole exercise. If you provide an incorrect answer, don’t worry, you can try again as many times you need. ☺

Use the special character buttons whenever you need.
However, the basic level Spanish spelling bees usually do not requiere the use of upper and lower case or other special characters, unless otherwise stated. In fact, this Spanish Spellig be is case insensitive, so you don’t need to worry about this now.

More Spanish Spelling Bee Practice ?

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