Spanish Spelling Bee Game Halloween Edition 1

Test your Spanish Spelling and learn vocabulary about Halloween in Spanish with this Spanish Spelling Bee Game Halloween Edition 1. Read the instructions before you start the game! ?

Instructions of this Spanish Spelling Bee about Halloween

  1. This spelling bee has five questions. You have to write the words you hear when you click the “Word” and/or “Spell” buttons. These words are related to Halloween. You have a “Clue” button for additional help. This clue may be a picture or a definition.
  2. You have 45 seconds to write each word. If you run out of time, that question will count as incorrect.
  3. In this spelling bee you can use both upper case or lower case letters. It does not mind. But you have to use accent marks if necessary. You can use the special character buttons for this.
  4. If you make more than two mistakes, the spelling bee ends.
  5. If you pass this spelling bee, you will get a certificate of completion. You can save it or print it for you! ☺

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