Easy Weather Game in Spanish ☀ What’s the weather like in these six US cities?

In this easy Weather Game in Spanish you will see a very simple map of the United States of America with six red dots corresponding to six US cities. Your mission is to understand what is the weather like in these US cities. ?

To achieve this, you have to listen and read a very brief weather forecast for each US city with a red dot on the map ?. After hearing and reading the current weather forecast of one of these cities, drag the correct weather symbol (those on the left side) and drop it over the city red dot.
If the dropped weather symbol is correct, it will remain and you will hear a sound. If it is wrong, the symbol will automatically return to the left side and you will have to try again. There is no score or time limit.

It is important to follow the order marked by the exercise to avoid misunderstandings.

Will you be able to understand the weather forecasts and complete the game? Check it out! ?
If you have any doubts about this topic, you can read the post related to how to talk about weather in Spanish.

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