The parts of the body in Spanish

We are going to see the parts of the body in Spanish with the help of an interactive image with sound. In this post there are included basic parts of the body. If you want to know the name of more parts of the body, because you are a very curious learner, you can see additional vocabulary about this in the free downloadable booklet (you can find the link at the end of this post) along with some additional exercises to practice this vocabulary. This booklet also contains additional illustrated vocabulary, mindmaps and other content that may be helpful to you. And also in the post related to the parts of the face in Spanish you can see all the parts of the face with an interactive image.

Click on the different parts of the body to see and hear their names.
Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and your browser, the image may take a little while to load. 

Parts of the body

cabeza: head
cabello: hair
ojo: eye

oreja: ear
nariz: nose
boca: mouth
cuello: neck
hombro: shoulder
pecho: chest
brazo: arm
codo: elbow
mano: hand
dedos: fingers
tripa/barriga/panza/vientre: belly
espalda: back
cintura: waist
cadera: hip
trasero: bottom
pierna: leg
rodilla: knee
pies: feet


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