Colours in Spanish

We are going to see the colours, in Spanish los colores. See this colorful panel below. If you click on the colour, you will see a “label” with the name of the colour and at the same time you will hear the Spanish pronunciation of that name.

As you have seen, these colours are:

rojo – red
naranja – orange
amarillo – yellow
verde – green
azul – blue
rosa – pink
morado – purple
marrón – brown
negro – black
blanco – white
gris – grey/gray

And… how do we say that a colour is dark or light?

Well, if you want to say that a colour is dark, follow this structure: name of the colour + oscuro
And if you want to say that a colour is light, follow the same structure: name of the colour + claro

For example, the colour dark blue in Spanish is azul oscuro. You can see that we use the adjective oscuro after the name of the colour. And to say light blue, we use the adjective claro after the name of the colour, azul claro. It’s easy, isn’t it? 😉 


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