Oceanian Nationalities in Spanish

This list of Oceanian nationalities in Spanish includes the Spanish nationality adjectives for the countries of Oceania, in masculine and feminine, and with their singular and plural forms.

It is important to remember two rules about nationalities in Spanish:

  • Nationalities are written with lowercase.
  • Nationalities agree with the gender and number of the noun they describe.
Nationality in EnglishNationality in Spanish
(Masculine singular)
Nationality in Spanish
(Masculine plural)
Nationality in Spanish
(Feminine singular)
Nationality in Spanish
(Feminine plural)
Australianaustraliano australianosaustralianaaustralianas
Papua New Guineanpapúpapúes, papús papú papúes, papús
Micronesianmicronesiomicronesios micronesia micronesias
Cook Islandercookianocookianoscookianacookianas
Solomon Islandersalomonense salomonenses salomonense salomonenses
Marshallesemarshalésmarshalesosmarshalesa marshalesas
Nauruannauruano nauruanos nauruana nauruanas
New Zealanderneozelandésneozelandesesneozelandesaneozelandesas
Palauanpalauano palauanos palauana chinas
Samoansamoano samoanos samoana samoanas
Tongantongano tonganos tongana tonganas
Tuvaluantuvaluano tuvaluanos tuvaluana tuvaluanas
Ni-Vanuatuvanuatuense vanuatuenses vanuatuense vanuatuenses

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