Online Family Tree in Spanish with Audio

Learn the names of the family members in Spanish and their pronunciation with this interactive online family tree in Spanish with audio. Click on the family members to read and hear their names in Spanish, as well as the written translation in English. To understand the distribution of the family members in the family tree, you have to take as a reference the family member surrounded by a green circle (the woman that says “Yo”).

List of the members of the family in Spanish

Here you can see the list of the members of the family in Spanish that appear in the previous family tree:

la abuela: grandmother
el abuelo: grandfather
los abuelos: grandparents
la madre: mother
el padre: father
los padres: parents
la hermana: sister
el hermano: brother
el tío: uncle
la tía: aunt
la sobrina: niece
el sobrino: nephew
la mujer, la esposa: wife
el marido, el esposo: husband
la hija: daughter
el hijo: son
la nieta: granddaughter
el nieto: grandson
los nietos: grandchildren
el yerno: son-in-law
la nuera: daughter-in-law
la suegra: mother-in-law
el suegro: father-in-law
el padrastro: stepfather
la madrastra: stepmother
el hijastro: stepson
la hijastra: stepdaughter

More members of the family in Spanish

Here are some other family member names in Spanish. Although they do not appear in this family tree, they are equally useful for describing families.

padrastro: stepfather
madrastra: stepmother
hijastro: stepson
hijastra: stepdaughter

Online exercises and games about the family in Spanish

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