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Learn Spanish vocabulary in an effective and easy way with these Spanish vocabulary flashcards online that combine images, audio and text. Forget learning vocabulary only with long and boring vocabulary lists! With these flashcards you will be able to learn the pronunciation of different words, and this will help you to improve your Spanish skills, such as the oral comprehension (listening) and the oral expression (speaking).

These are the links to all the flashcards on the website. Just choose the topic you want! ? And if you want to know more about flashcards, like their benefits and uses, continue reading below.

Vocabulary flashcards in Spanish

Why use flashcards to learn Spanish?

The use of flashcards as a learning tool dates back to the 19th century, when they were primarily used to teach children how to read. In Spanish language, flashcards are also known as flashcards but we also refer to them as tarjetas de aprendizaje (learning cards) or tarjetas educativas (educative cards), among other names.

Flashcards can be helpful for Spanish learners because they provide a visual representation of new vocabulary words, which can make them easier to remember. Additionally, flashcards are not only used for learning vocabulary, they can also be used to learn grammar, such as the verb tenses, conjugations, and other grammatical concepts. For that reason we also have a Spanish grammar flashcards section on our website.

One potential benefit of using flashcards when learning Spanish is that they can help learners to focus on specific vocabulary items and to develop a deeper understanding of their meanings. Additionally, by using our interactive flashcards in Spanish, students can practice pronouncing new words and phrases correctly.

Flashcards can also be helpful for consolidating information that has been learned in a previous vocabulary lesson or for preparing for a future test.

Definitely, when used correctly, flashcards can be a very effective tool for learning Spanish.

Advantages of Spanish vocabulary flashcards

The use of Spanish vocabulary flashcards as a study tool has a variety of advantages.

  • Flashcards have been proven to be an effective way to learn vocabulary of a new language.

  • They are especially helpful for beginners, because they allow you to focus on one word or phrase at a time.

  • Flashcards also help you to remember vocabulary longer than if you just learned it in a vocabulary list or in a classroom setting without interactive tools. This is due to the powerful combination of text, audio and image. 

  • Vocabulary flashcards promote a more effective and easy learning. The combination of images, audio and text make easier to the students to learn the words, remember them and use them with success. Furthermore, these flashcards provide a translation into English after seeing the word in Spanish, so they provide first an «immersion» into the Spanish language (with the help of the images) and then, with the translation into English, they provide a help for those who want a translation or to be sure about the meaning of a word.

  • Another advantage of these Spanish vocabulary flashcards online is that you can use them anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection, which makes learning convenient. If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an Internet connection, you will be able to learn vocabulary anywhere! There is no need to carry a book or to waste paper, because you have all the flashcards in our website.

  • Additionally, flashcards allow you to customize your learning experience, because you choose the subject and the moment, and this helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your studies.

  • You don’t have to waste money. Our flashcards and all the content on this website is free!

  • Finally, using flashcards often leads to a sense of accomplishment and motivation, which encourages continued learning.

How to use these flashcards

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