Online Flashcards about Jobs in Spanish ? (Part One)

These online flashcards about jobs in Spanish are a great way to learn vocabulary related to occupations in this language. The vocabulary related to jobs in Spanish can be challenging, but with these flashcards it is easy to review and remember the most important vocabulary for you.

The following flashcards contain images related to jobs and audio; just click on the button with the speaker icon to hear the job name. This first part includes 18 flashcards about jobs in Spanish. Some of the occupations on these flashcards are only in masculine and others only in feminine, others are in both genders. But if you would like to know how to spell all these professions in both the masculine and feminine forms, read the table below.

List of these jobs in Spanish in both genders

Job in EnglishJob in Spanish (Masculine)Job in Spanish (Feminine)
Policeman / Policewomanel policíala policía
Doctorel doctor / el médicola doctora / la médica
Plumberel fontanerola fontanera
Bakerel panaderola panadera
Tailorel sastrela sastre, la sastra
Astronautel astronautala astronauta
Nurseel enfermerola enfermera
Waiter / Waitressel camarerola camarera
Teacherel maestro / el profesorla maestra / la profesora
Journalistel periodistala periodista
Surgeonel cirujanola cirujana
Veterinary surgeonel veterinariola veterinaria
Postman / Postwomanel carterola cartera
Farmerel agricultorla agricultora
Firefighterel bomberola bombera
Driverel chófer / el conductorla chófer / la conductora

Why use flashcards to learn vocabulary related to jobs in Spanish?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have enough time to sit down and study every day endless and boring vocabulary lists about the names of jobs in Spanish. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your vocabulary skills step by step with a little help from our interactive flashcards. These flashcards promote efficient learning using the combination of audio and images, and because these flashcards are online, you don’t need to prepare any materials.

Learning the Spanish job names is also important because it can help you in your job search. There are many different jobs out there, and knowing the right name in Spanish for the position you want is key to impressing potential employers who are interested in employees with knowledge of the Spanish language. When searching for a job in Spanish, it helps to be familiar with the different types of jobs and their corresponding Spanish job titles.

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