Bedroom vocabulary in Spanish

¡Hola! This time we are going to learn bedroom vocabulary in Spanish. The first thing you need to know is how to say “the bedroom” in Spanish: el dormitorio. It can also be called la habitación or el cuarto, but el dormitorio is more specific to refer to this part of the house.

Look at the following interactive image and click on the different furniture of this bedroom: you will see their names and you will hear them too. After this image you can see a list of vocabulary that includes more useful words about the bedroom in Spanish with their translation into English.

Important: If you do not see the whole room on your screen, you may need to adjust your zoom; you can do it easily by clicking Ctrl and – at the same time.

Spanish vocabulary for the bedroom

la cama: bed
la mesilla de noche: bedside table
la lámpara: lamp
el armario: wardrobe
la cómoda: chest of drawers
el despertador / el reloj despertador: alarm clock
la ventana: window
las cortinas: curtains
el colchón: mattress
la almohada: pillow
la funda de la almohada: pillowcase
el edredón: quilt
las sábanas: sheets
la manta: blanket
el cabecero: headboard
el cajón: drawer
el tocador: dressing table
el espejo: mirror
la percha: hanger

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