Living room vocabulary in Spanish

In this page you can learn living room vocabulary in Spanish with an interactive image. Click on the different parts of the image to see names of common objects in this part of the house. You can hear their pronunciation too.

Important: If you do not see the whole room on your screen, you may need to adjust your zoom; you can do it easily by clicking Ctrl and – at the same time.

Vocabulary list about the living room in Spanish

el sofá: sofa
el sillón: armchair
la mesa de café: coffee table
la estantería: bookshelf
la lámpara: lamp
el jarrón: vase
la fotografía: picture
el cuadro: painting
la televisión: television
la ventana: window
las cortinas: curtains
la chimenea: fireplace
la alfombra: rug
el cojín: cushion
el armario: cabinet
el reloj: clock
la vela: candle
la planta: plant
las flores: flowers

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