Parts of the house in Spanish ๐Ÿ  with an interactive image

Learn the parts of the house in Spanish with an interactive image. Click on the doorbell to see the different parts of the house.

When you move the mouse over a room in the house, you will see an audio button (a button with a speaker). If you click on it, you will hear the name of that part of the house. You can also see in some parts of the house a button with an arrow; if you click on it, you will be able to see that part of the house in detail.

The parts of the house in Spanish

el dormitorio: bedroom

el cuarto de los niรฑos: nursery

el baรฑo: bathroom

la sala de estar: living room

el despacho: study

la cocina: kitchen

el comedor: dining room

la entrada, el recibidor: entrance, hall

la terraza: terrace

la despensa: pantry

el lavadero: utility room

el garaje: garage

el cuarto de calderas: boiler room

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