Vocabulary about the utility room in Spanish

In this page you can learn vocabulary about the utility room in Spanish with an interactive image. Click on the different objects of the image to see their names and also to hear their pronunciation.

Important: If you do not see the whole room on your screen, you may need to adjust your zoom; you can do it easily by clicking Ctrl and – at the same time.

Vocabulary list about the utility room in Spanish

la plancha: iron
la tabla de planchar: ironing board
la lavadora: washing machine
la secadora: dryer
la escoba: broom
el recogedor: dust pan
la fregona: mop
el cubo: bucket
el cesto de la colada: laundry basket
el tendedero / la cuerda para tender la ropa: clothesline
la pinza para la ropa: clothes peg
el detergente: detergent
la lejía: bleach

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